The Importance Of Pest Control

The Importance Of Pest Control

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Most animals have become pests due to human activity. By leaving garbage on the road dogs and crows start feeding on it and make a mess. They become aggressive when people try to chase them because it becomes their primary food source. Further by feeding monkeys people have given them the courage to enter homes and take food. There are many other instances where human activity has resulted in the rise of pests. Further due to increase in population, pollution and deforestation have made living organisms to become resistant to biological, chemical and physical forms of control. Unless the organism is eradicated completely they will evolve and become tolerant. This is likely to increase conflicts with humans.

Due to the above we need pest control.  People use many methods to control pests such as use of pest control animals. In historic times cats have been used to capture rodents that ate grain. To this day cats are used for catching and killing rodents. Other animals such as mongoose have been domesticated to deal with snakes. This kind of pest control is useful when there are few pests but aren’t perfect and it is hard to completely eradicate these pests. Further not all pests can be controlled through this method. When there’s a wasp nest you may need professional help.

Another method includes using poison to eliminate pests. This method is useful for pests that cannot be easily caught. There are poisons that easily spread on contact. These kinds of poisons are useful for pests that live in large numbers. Rats and cockroaches that come in contact with the poison return to their colony and spread it among the other rats and cockroaches, killing them in the process. The only disadvantage is that these animals can die near a food source and contaminate that as well. Further by eating animals that feed on poisoned carcass people could be affected.

There are many other methods such as field burning, eliminating breeding ground, hunting, biological pest control and many more. Similar when there a lot of pests or you don’t know where they come from people use pest control companies that use various methods to terminate these pests. From bed bug control to finding breeding grounds, pest control companies have it covered.

It is important that we use pest control. If not for pest control we could get various diseases, sickness and damages due to pest activity. In small numbers they may not seem intimidating but in large numbers they can cause chaos and the house will be unliveable. We should take the necessary steps to make sure that everyone is safe from pests.



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