Health Benefits Of Cold Water

Health Benefits Of Cold Water

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You may have been lectured one thousand times to drink hot water since it is healthier and safer. But did you know that cold water has its benefits as well? The viral internet phenomenon ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’  used cold water not just because it can freeze a person and make the task challenging but also because ice water has certain health benefits. Given below are some such advantages that many are unaware of.

Glowing Skin

Research shows that people who take cold showers have more glowing skin when compared to people who take hot water showers. This is because cold water has the ability to get rid of oil, dust and dirt from the surface of your skin very easily. Its best quality is that it can increase blood flow to the surface of your skin which will make it shine even more.

Weight Loss

This is pretty convincing reasons to invest on water coolers. When an individual consumes a lot of cold water, it restricts them from consuming too much food. This is a very useful dieting tip that many do not know about. Even though consumption of cold water will take a longer time to burn calories, having a cold shower actually helps the burning of calories. Research proves that your metabolism can be increased up to 550%.

Boosts Your Immune System

When using cold water for any purpose, you will be using extra energy since due to its low temperature. For instance, the water from water coolers will be much colder when compared regular tap water. So, when drinking cold water or taking a cold shower, your mind is tricked into believing that your body needs a small workout. Thus, your body performs a small internal exercise when using cold water for any purpose which automatically increases your immune system. This recent theory has been proved by studies done in Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Eases Pain

Cold water can increase your adrenaline. This will not only make you feel more energetic by using water coolers, but makes you pain-free as well. For example, rugby players take a customary cold water bath after every match. This reduces the blood flow to the muscles and fills them back with less acidic blood. Furthermore, cold water can trick our brain or rather distract it from immediate pain such as niggling aches. This  is why ice is kept on certain injuries. Not only because it eases the physical pain, but also because it clams down the injured individual.

Furthermore, cold water can make your hair shiny, activate your skin and reduce fatigue maong other numerous health benefits.

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