Beijing In Better Bilateral Relationships With Other Countries

Beijing In Better Bilateral Relationships With Other Countries

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The foreign relationships between Beijing and other popular countries are not so bad at the moment. The relationships are developed or lost on the way Beijing expresses its cultural, political and economic weakens, strengths and values to other nations of the world. Beijing is currently enjoying very good relationships with the superpower of the world, the United States of America. The Chinese are a force to reckon with in the world and is an emerging superpower.

Beijing’s association with the Philippines

The relationships between these two nations have entered into a golden phase. Both are looking to develop very quickly as major Asian Nations and China is already a major force in Asia. There is a growth that is seen between the economic and trading ties between these two countries. Both the states are taking all efforts to settle the South China Sea dispute. The Philippines is looking to China to boost its business and investments are also looking to get rid of the maritime sovereignty. There is a general feeling among the Filipinos that the ruling party of their country is a bit lenient towards Chinese government and does not dare to open their mouth in front of them. The Filipino President is accused of being too lenient towards China in the territorial dispute that is long pending. He says that he is taking a pragmatic stand and challenging the Chinese about this could result in war. He is intent on enjoying very good China Philippines relations and does not want to spoil it in his regime.  There have been as many as 20 cooperative agreements that have been signed between the Chinese and the Filipinos in the year 2017. China is one of the chief trading partners of the Philippines.

Beijing’s relationship with the US

The change of guard in the United States is now more than 6 months old. The US has concentrated on only two important issues with their Chinese counterparts and that is trading between the two states and The North Korean factor. The Trump administration has decided on the Chinese buy-in and is in better trading relationships with Beijing. But, everything is not so rosy as far as Chinese strategy is concerned. There have been no dialogues or speeches from the foreign officials of the US in Asia or China. The India China relations news as far as trade is concerned have been given a major fillip. The Trump administration has not yet gained a clear-cut picture about its views of China and what is the kind of relationship it is looking to have.

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