A Buying Guide for Commercial Dishwashers

A Buying Guide for Commercial Dishwashers

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When it comes to running and restaurants, your first priority should be towards ensuring health and hygiene of your valued customers. Also, it is very important to ensure that your restaurant is kept clean and tidy, in order to pass of the food inspection by the concerned authorities.

Therefore, dishwashers are the most important commercial kitchen appliance that you will need to buy in order to ensure long-term business success of your restaurant. In this post, we can look into the things that you need to consider while choosing the dishwashers for your restaurant business.

Types of commercial dishwashers:

• Low and high temp dishwashers – If you own a restaurant, it is very important for you to have the most important kitchen equipment – dishwasher. Before selecting any type of dishwasher you should be very certain about whether you will need a low or high temperature dishwasher. Both the types require detergent for cleaning out but the working is a little different. 

• Conveyor dishwashers – This type of dishwasher is very powerful. It can process up to 350 – 1000 racks every single day. They are very large and cumbersome. They are made up of stainless steel and are opt for heavy use in places like hospitals, cafeterias, and any other high volume operational areas. The energy star models are developed with the latest technologies, which is why they will help you save a lot in your electricity bills. These are available in both high and low temperatures models.  Read more here and know more tips in buying guidelines for commercial dishwashers. 

• Rack or door type dishwashers – These are the smaller version of the conveyor dishwashers. They are specially designed to connect to clean or dirty dish tables. The main process is to fill up the rack with dishes. It is then pushed inside the dishwasher and after closing the door the cleaning process automatically starts. It takes a few moments for the cleaning process to be complete and you get your clean dishes.

• Under counter commercial dishwashers Under counter dishwashers are the best choice for small restaurant and bars where you can get to the cleaning process as you go. It is not a very speedy process but it gets done properly. You can clean up to 20 – 40 racks of dishes ad glasses at a time. You can supply clean dish wares throughout a day in your small business. Cleanliness is everything in a small or a large restaurant. With the help of this article, you can choose the best suitable dishwasher for your restaurant. It depends on your usage level and efficiency purpose.

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